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22 Sep
some photos of sunrise from my porch, with mists
It’s Wednesday and time for random photos/random linkages. I’m busy this week with Rose & Thorn doodly dah, and getting ready for my trip to the Siba Conference. Since Tender Graces was nominated for a SIBA award, I get to be on the writer’s auction block (lawd) -proceeds go to charity, so it’s a good thing. Link below  on the trade show!
Our own Angie Ledbetter Gumbo Writer was on Eddie’s Clouds and Silvery Linings Sunday Roast – go by and read! What fun! 

AND! Angie Gumbo Writer’s husband can sing! You can listen to him on Amie Street – go Angie’s DH!

shy Maggie Girl wouldn’t let me snap photo of her face (just like her owner, Kat! haw! ask Angie!)

“Grandmother” – bought from Woolworth Walk in Asheville – love this artist – I have many ‘totems’ from this artist

My beautiful friend Kim Michelle Richarson’s book bookmark

Kim’s book “The Unbreakable Child” will be released October 1. It is available now on Kindle. She’s re-opening her blog this week and will be having a contest. Her publishers have a wonderful blog – Behler Blog – stop by and read. This is a powerful book and one most difficult for Kim to write and one difficult for me to read – except for the hope: the hope saves this memoir from despair. Yes.

Big Jake all tuckered out

Teresa Frohock is brilliant – if you aren’t subscribed to her blog – do it! I loved this: Writing Fiction with the 3-2-1 method, but she has many more gems there.

These photos of rugs/throws are why I can’t truly be a vegetarian … although I told GMR this is sheared not skinned … he begs to differ; I tell him “LA LA LA can’t hear you LA LA LA LA LA LA

Backspace The Writer’s Place is a great forum – I just re-signed up after letting my “dues” laspe for over a year. Check them out – the dues are quite reasonable. There’s a good group of writers, editors, agents, publishers . . . join the forum!
Wanda’s Wonderful Book Blog – check out Lady Banks Bookshelf, where I want to be!
As I mentioned, I’ll be at the SIBA Trade Show from Friday through the weekend. I’ll be driving from my little cove at Killian Knob to Daytona Beach, while GMR holds down the little log house all alone wif-out his sweet wonderful wife (snork) – if you see my Boop Mobile, give me a honk and a wave (you’ll know it’s the Boop Mobile if you see it :-D )
Have a great day everyone!
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