Kat’s Boopmobile has taken her away from her cove at Killian Knob

24 Sep

I’m not here! I’m at the SIBA conference in Daytona Beach . . . GMR is left all aw-wone except for Maggie Girl and Big Jake (see post below!) . . . All Together Now: Awwwwwwwwwwwww (he’s probably kicked back and loving the unchaotic nature of the little log house; the way the swirling vortex has left; the way the big black hole isn’t sucking up all sanity . . . but he’ll still miss me – *teeheehee*)

Y’all have a great weekend . . .  I’ll be at the Plaza Resort and Spa -where the Siba Trade Show will be held – ohhhhhh – Resort and Spa sounds loverly! & Atlantic Ocean! & Beach! & Food! &  ohhhhhhhh . . .

Just for fun: I wonder: what do you imagine I am doing right now? I know it’s the silliest question ever – but, if you were to imagine me by just what you know about me (even if you just ‘met’ me here on my blog days ago!) – what do you think I am doing at this moment if I have a moment to myself to do whatever I choose? :-D

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