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29 Sep

Video of a little mountain storm come to the cove at Killian Knob. This was the storm where we lost the top off a big tree – *sad* – and it knocked down another tree in the process. Luckily, we let our trees grow wild around us, and so does our neighbor next to us, so we hope soon another tree will take the place of the fallen one, and the one with the top off will grow back okay, or another will take its place.

So. I’m back from SIBA/Daytona, and a one afternoon/night in Savannah. I’m swamped with things to do, so I can’t talk about the trip today, but I will say it was fun, and I met some wonderful people–booksellers, authors, publishers, bloggers, etc. If you are on twitter, there is a hashtag #siba10 where they ‘tweeted’ during the entire trade show, so that’s a way for inside scoops. Some of the authors (I may do this if I have time) will be blogging about the experience on the Siba blog; et cetera, et cetera, et cetera!

But for now I leave you with some photos taken from my room, all but one are from the Plaza hotel room, where I snapped them from my balcony. There is one, the last one below, taken from my hotel room window at the Savannah Hampton Inn in the Historic District on Bay Street, which was a gorgeous hotel–if you ever stay in Savannah, do look up this hotel! Bay street was lined with historical buildings and some were made into hotels–the Hampton was charming, and very very clean, comfy, and I just loved it (I have a big love for Hampton Inns anyway!)

Our own  Janna Qualman has a post on the R&T Blog – go check it out! Angie (Gumbo Writer) and I, along with our wonderful staff, are busy working to get the fall issue of Rose & Thorn Journal, and the R&T newsletter out – if you haven’t signed up for our newsletter I hope you will -it’s free and we never sell or give away your email address. Just Sign Up Here. We hope you’ll go by and read the summer offerings on R&T Journal, because soon they will be gone–well, not gone, for we have our Archives Page you can always peruse.

All these were taken from the ‘balcony’ in Daytona Hotel

I also wanted to give a bit of news. I’d been talking about a novella-length work that would be published along with two other author’s novella-length works. From what I understand, that is happening for sure, and the book will be released Winter 2011. The authors who I will be published with are two NYT Best-Selling authors (and I will be there one day! yes….yes I will…): Sarah Addison Allen and Deborah Smith. I saw the book cover (image later) and loved it. So, more as I know it!
from room, out of my hotel window, in Savannah

Y’all have a great day – I am going to be having some give-ways on my blog – probably starting Friday or Monday – stay tuned!

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