Mass Transfer Balancing, or the random thoughts of a wackity brain

11 Oct

I had a thought, which is a dangerous thing sometimes, and other times simply a weird thing. I should keep most of my thoughts to myself, but, well . . . dang.

But, I thought:  what if there are only a specific number of molecules that can make up the entire universe; none are added and none are subtracted (and maybe this is a real theory and I’ve forgotten it).

But, in my Mass Theory Thoughts, if one thing loses mass, then something else has to take on that mass. If a planet becomes smaller, another planet or star or comet must take on mass. If a cloud loses rain, the earth takes the rain (and then there’s that evaporation thing, but, even evaporation holds mass, right? right? – my head hurts). If an animal dies and decomposes, that mass is taken on by births of other animals once providing for what the decomposing matter creates.

And! The thing I was thinking about: if a person loses weight, what if someone else has to take on that mass. So, if Betty Lou drops five pounds, someone else must take her five pounds as a gain. If Billy Smith gains five pounds, he takes it from someone else’s mass.

Well . . . I mean . . . what ifs are just that, right?
We hear all the news about obesity; but, at the same time, we also hear that Hollyweird types and runway models are becoming way too thin. It’s a Mass Transfer thing! All those hundreds and hundreds of pounds lost by Hollyweird types and the runway models have had to transfer somewhere, so they transferred to us “regular old people.” It’s the balancing of Mass. When something loses mass, something else has to take on that mass. Hmm, I wonder who took on the threeish pounds I just lost, but then again, maybe my mass just tightened up and didn’t leave at all–oh, that puts a wrinkle on my thinking. Mass Efficiency instead of transfer – huhn. Oh Dear.

But, what if say for the sake of Kathryn’s Theory of Mass Transfer, the mass of those threeish pounds swirled around and found a body to land on. I’m not sure if the mass has to go directly in my immediate vicinity—do our spousal units in residence take on each other’s Mass Transfers? But, Good Man Roger didn’t gain. I wonder if it can transfer to animals? Did my dog(s) gain threeish pounds? Or is it species to species only? Gender to Gender? Maybe those pounds hovered in the air until they found where they wanted to go. Maybe someone I passed in the gym or Target or the grocery.

If I gain back those pounds, is it my original threeish pounds and the person I passed it to loses the pounds they gained? We bounce it back and forth? “No, it’s YOURS!” …”No! I don’t want it – you take it!” …”Stop it! I don’t want your damn threeish pounds!” back and forth it goes. Or maybe a pound goes to that person, a half to that one, pound and a half to this one, etc.
Mass Transfer Balancing. Specific amounts of mass make up the universe—always. You lose, someone gains. You gain, someone has lost. Makes sense to me (sorta, kinda, well . . . anyway). What about you?
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