Plagiarist Information

19 Oct

I normally post on MWF’s – but I think this should be passed along – –

I am posting links here to information on a plagiarist. I generally do not worry about plagiarism of my work; however, sometimes there is a jerk out there who sticks his nasty stinky dirty finger in other writers’ and artists’ pies. I’ve seen information on this at Rick’s blog The Writer and The White Cat, and on
Writer Beware with Victoria Strauss. So I am passing it along to you.

Those blogs I linked to above are trusted sites who are talking about the plagiarist, not plagiarists themselves – just to make sure I’m clear on that!

Visit both of these blogs and read . . . particularly if you write in the horror genre.

Thank you to Maria-Thérèse ~ for the hint on how to have your links open in a new page. Now, if only blogspot would make it even easier by allowing us to check a box instead of having to this:

click edit in html mode. Type in

after the a href link.

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