More Random Fall Photos in Haywood County North Carolina

22 Oct

I scheduled this post to go up automatically to finish uploading the fall photos I took while walking about Haywood County this week–the others were published Wednesday (below).

I am now in Portland, Oregon visiting my son, daughter in law, and little Norah Kathryn! I have been looking forward to this since I left them at Christmas last year . . . way too long. I simply must find a way to visit more often and that’s that. Thank gawd for Skype.

 In the little log house, Two Dogs, Ghost Dog, and GMR are enjoying the absence of my tornadic vortex . . . um, I mean, they miss me terribly already *teehee*

Enjoy your weekend.

I may post some pics while in Oregon. But, if not, I haven’t scheduled any other blog posts to go up and will rarely open my mini laptop while there, so don’t forget me *grin* You all are what keeps me connected to Out There when I’m In Here.

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