I’m "Sunday Roasted" and Enjoying Lil Boop

23 Oct

Hi Y’all –  I am enjoying my visit so much. Norah Kathryn is such a happy baby – I see myself and my son in her, and I see Sarah and her family in her. But, she has my little pea-head …. haw! Yup, she’s petite with that petite head … and she has my cackley laugh … cracks me up. She’s a joy – her parents are doing such a good job.

Next week I hope to meet some blogger friends who live here or near here – I will be in touch with them soon. Exciting!

While Norah Kathryn is napping, I wanted to come here and invite you to Clouds and Silvery Linings, where Eddie Bluelights has me on the roaster – his Sunday Roast is up and I’m the subject of his roasting. He has such a fun blog; hope you will stop by and say hello!

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