Peeking in from Oregon!

27 Oct
“I’m telling you, Granny Kat, no pics until I’m out of my jammies!”

Hi Y’all  . . . First, I want to say hello and welcome to new followers who’ve come visiting from Eddie’s Roast (see below post-go by and visit his fun blog) and/or other places!

Second: the Rose & Thorn Journal Blog has a new post up -and it just happens to be one I’d written called “The Stuff of it All.” If you’ve not visited the R&T Blog, or R&T Journal, I hope you will.

I’m publishing a few Norah “Lil Boop” Kathryn photos from my visit here in Oregon with my son, DIL, and granddaughter. That’s why I haven’t been as quick to come by your places to visit – I know you understand! – but as soon as I return, I will be back to my regular routine.

Norah Kathryn (Lil Boop)

Right now, lil boop is taking a nap. This little girl is a joy. This is the happiest baby. Norah Kathryn and I have some time together while her parents are working  . . . they’re taking some days off, but can’t take the entire two-weeks off that I am here–which is okay by me, for I love having this time with her. *Big Ole Grin*

I’ll be coming round and visiting as I can – but please know I appreciate your comments (I’m reading them all), and your visits and new follows. Thank you.

first time on slide (wearing the sweater I bought her *teehee*

Oh! And it won’t be long before SWEETIE is released! I’m so envolved with my family, I almost forgot my next book will be out in a few weeks.

What’s up with all of you?

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