Ghost Granny?

31 Oct
Happy 1st birthday to me!

Hello again Y’all — I’ve just finished a pumpkin pancake made by my Daughter In Law – I’ve had some amazing food from all over – Vietnamese, Thai, Japanese, Mexican/Southwest cuisine, Italian – I’ve had these wonderful dark chocolate almonds with sea salt – I’ve had carrot cake with cream cheese icing- omg – no running, no yoga, all eating! *laugh*

Anyway -this photo I took of Norah Kathryn is perfect for Halloween . . . The photo turned out blurry and strange, and, if you look to the right, you can see a face! A granny face! . . . do do do do do do do do

Her first birthday was yesterday – of course I have cute pics, later.

I hope to meet two ‘blogger friends’ tomorrow . . . looking forward to it.

Have a great day or great Halloween. I’ll be round to visit once I return to North Carolina next week (won’t think about that now).

PS – forgot to add how I thought I heard a door open, then footsteps and then I thought I saw someone in the hallway outside Norah Kathryn’s door – I thought Sarah had gone to get NK, but then when I looked more carefully, no one was there and NK was still asleep! THEN, this morning when I woke I thought I heard footsteps in the hallway; I rose, went out, and no one was there – everyone was still asleep! These things didn’t happen last time I was here, just this time – is a granny here visiting? do do do do do do do do

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