Last Day to spend in Oregon . . .

2 Nov

Well, tomorrow I fly out from Oregon back to my little mountain town in my little mountain cove. While I miss my mountains, I am going to have a hard time leaving – harder this time than last time because Norah Kathryn has responded to me with recognition and hugs and smiles -before she was so little she didn’t know who I was; now she does *sob*.

 This morning, as has been for most every morning for the last 2 weeks, I’ve gone into little Norah Kathryn’s room and she’s smiled at me and reached for me to pick her up. This morning I just grabbed her up and hugged her so tight – because this is it. This is the last full day. She’ll probably still be sleeping when I arise and leave early tomorrow morning to fly out. Trying not to cry here…*wahhhhh*

I’ll miss my son, too, and my daughter in law. My family. This is sucky.

what an imp!

My home and roots and ‘soulness’ to use a cliched word is in the Appalachian area, in the Smoky Mountains, in Haywood County, in Maggie Valley, but, my heart and wants are also with my little family here. It’s a crappy thing to have to be separated from those you love.

I’m quickly writing this, so if it is full of errors – pardon, but, I’m keeping one ear out for lil Boop’s waking sounds.

All morning I’ve felt this “offness” – this sadness.

I’ve done some thinking, too, while here. While here, many times I’ve not been able to be online, or just not bothered to log on, and just as when I visited here last time, nothing ‘bad’ happened – nothing went kablooey – no one threw rotten eggs at me for not being around or for not being able to visit so much or to be slow in answering emails, yada yada yada . . . so, when I get home, I’m altering how I do my online status. Spending less time on social networking and more on my little log house, on GMR, on …um, WRITING my BOOKS *laughing* Yeah. I’ve also thought about priorities, and how in the big mess of life and love and happiness, how my books do is really quite small. I’m happy for the success I’ve had and love it when people enjoy my books, and sure, I like to know they are doing well, but, this here, my little family, has put things into a bigger perspective…..yes.

I have some thoughts I hope to set down later  – on families, young families. How hard it can be, but how joyful and wonderful, too.

Oh, and before I forget – somewhere along the way I said I’d have someone as a guest poster who has a book coming out – I’m going to put that up here sometime in the next few days while I’m getting myself settled in and home and unpacking and etc etc etc! I don’t do guest posts often, but I do like helping out other writers.

Later – Almost time for my dear one to wake from her morning nap …………..


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