"Mom" away from home in the airport & First WNC snow

6 Nov

First Snow came early to our cove!

Before I forget I wanted to suggest something to y’all if you haven’t thought of it: On a trip about a year ago, I sat next to a young soldier. We chatted a bit, and right before departing the plane, I handed him some cash and told him to get something to eat and drink. I said just to think of me as a mom away from home, so he wouldn’t feel weird about it. It gave me a warm feeling and he was so grateful. So, flash forward to this return trip from Oregon. I was rushing to get to my plane in the Atlanta airport and as I passed by, I noticed a young soldier waiting for his flight. He looked so sad and stressed. I looked into my purse and all I had was nine one dollar bills. At first I thought, “That’s not very much to give,” but then, I thought, well, it’s something. So I went over and held out the money and told him to get him a snack or something to drink (airports are EXPENSIVE!) – he said, “Oh, that’s okay,” but I placed the cash in his hand and said, “Thank you so much. . . ” and walked away so he wouldn’t feel embarrassed.

So, now I’m going to make this a “tradition” – whenever I am in the airport, if I see a young soldier, I am going to be his/her “mom” and hand him/her some spending money. Traveling is expensive and I have no idea what the government pays them or if their flights are paid or if they have spending money or or or – and, I don’t know – I just like feeling like I’m some mom who makes sure these young “sons and daughters” have a little extra money in their pocket. I’ll make sure I tuck extra in my wallet just for that purpose.

Just something to think about.

Now – Go LSU!  GO NC STATE! and y’all enjoy your weekend! Here’s some pictures that show the snow mixed with fall colors here in our cove (and one of lil boop!).

I’ll be round to visit either today or tomorrow — see you soon. Thank you and hello to new follower-friends.

Granny Kat bought this outfit (boots too!) so cute

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