My challenge to you: the Here and the Now; Right now.

15 Nov

Saturday’s event went well. I had a nice turn-out and we raised some money for Share the Warmth/Mountain Projects. My face was red and hot like it gets, and I fidgeted around nervously, like always *laugh* – but people seemed happy and I was happy, so that’s all that matters. GMR’s jambalaya, cookies, and brownies were gobbled up, and that’s a good thing, too. I met and talked to some wonderful people – and again, that’s a good thing.

I was thinking about things and my blog and all, and notice where I generally tend to shy away from giving out “writer’s advice” even though this is a “writer’s blog.” But, thing is, there’s so much of it out there. So many places giving advice, what else could I tell you? I’m always willing and love to answer questions and help when I can, but, really, all our paths are different, and all our many ways of writing are unique, our journeys varied.

We all just do the best we can do. We all just put our hearts in it and hope that the path we’re on is the correct one — well you know what? There’s no way to know whether you are on the correct path until you come to a fork in it and have to make another decision, or you come to the end of it and either there’s something you’ve always wanted there that makes you completely happy, or there’s nothing there you want and you have to turn back around and go back the way you came – or, you decide to plunge ahead and make a new path.
I read a blog yesterday where the writer, Cathy West, talked about “is this the fun part?” Because she knows the publishing path isn’t all roses and easy strolling along – you can feel as if you are stumbling down some rough road as you are writing your work, then as you query for it that path can be full of thorns and shifting dirt and uphill uphill uphill, but once you are published, the work is not over – unless you are satisfied only with the idea of having a book published, printed, and on a couple of bookshelves. Once you are published, you must decide what your goals are and then take that path. My friends, the writing of the work is the wonderful magical time – unless you are one of the few who hate the process (and there are writers like that – much as I don’t understand it, they are there -perhaps they aren’t writing what they want but want is wanted from them or what they think is wanted from them?)

If one isn’t careful, the frustrations along the paths to and when published can tarnish the joy of the business–the business of books, of words and language, of characters, of stories.

I will tell you, too, that someone will always be more successful than you are, as long as you define success outside of yourself – as long as you look outward to what someone else is doing and what they have and who they are, you may never find joy and contentment in what you have accomplished.

Well, guess I am giving out advice after all, though I didn’t mean to! Thanksgiving is round the corner, so maybe this week and next week is a good time for us all to consider what we have instead of what we want, or what we think we want. Maybe this week and next week is a good time to feel Satisfied. To feel Complete. To look around at where we are on our path and actually see what is around us instead of always looking ahead, or trying to find the path another person has taken that has surely led them to Success.

Maybe this week and next week we all need to do the old-fashioned “counting our blessings” – touch the heads of our children/grandchildren, kiss the lips of our partners/spouses, hug our friends, take a walk and NOTICE something in nature, find wonder in this Earth we live on, be in the Here and the Now all  this week.
That’s my challenge to you – to be Right Here and Right Now all this and Thanksgiving week (even if you do not celebrate Thanksgiving or live in Canada and already have, you can still do this). To be grateful for something or someone instead of wondering “What comes next?” Here. Now. That’s what we have -that’s the Sure Thing. Right this moment, there is something or someone in front of you that you haven’t given attention to – even if it is your own Self.
 (I’m laughing because it just dawned upon my pea-head that Thanksgiving is NEXT week, so I added in some “next weeks” to the “this weeks” *laughing!*
(all photos are mine except for the cartoon)
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