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17 Nov

If you’ve not been by the The Best Damn Creative Writing Blog, go check them out, and not just because they did a “Five Questions” thing with me (no, really! *laugh*), but because they are chock-a-full of gooey goodness. They also are reviewing SWEETIE and that will be up in a few days. They are on Facebook, and twitter, too.

Deborah Riley-Magnus has had a series of posts about “Author Success – A Well-Planned Future” – I need to catch up on them, but I’ve been reading many of them and find them interesting and informative, even if I don’t follow all the advice, there is something for everyone I think.

For those of you doing the Nanowrimo, the beautiful and brilliant Alexandra Sokoloff has some advice: Nanowrimo: Creating Character.

I’ve been reading on Behler Blog, a publisher who gives some advice on querying and et cetera and has a cute little beagle that likes margueritas :-D

Also, Bellebooks exploded with manuscripts after opening their doors to more lit fiction, and they received other submissions as well, of course, for genre fiction, et cetera. They had a great year last year and hope this trend continues. They’re even having to close submits until probably March or so. This is a good thing for BB and for their authors, too, (although it means if you were interested in submitting you will have to hold off a little while). Any business, publishing/book business, that is growing right now is doing something right. So, congrats and yayyys to my wonderful Bellebooks!

That’s all I have right now. Hope you’ll go by Five Questions at the Best Damn Creative Writing Blog – and while there, take a look around.

And remember, two weeks of living Here and Now and Enjoying What We Have Right Now (below).

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