Up Up Up & Awaaaayyyyy . . . Again; Unplugging & HAPPY THANKSGIVING WISHES

taken from airplane prev trip

Well, guess what? I’m not here! By time you read this, I’m, again, either thousands of feet in the air inside a metal tube (eeeeek!) hoping I don’t have to pee because I hate those teeny little bathrooms; or I’m in a terminal; or already in Arlington, Texas (between Dallas & Ft Worth).

shot from airplaine – rip in the sky!
I haven’t had Thanksgiving with my family (childhood family – not husband or son family) since I was a teenager many many moons ago, so this will be a good TG reunion type trip.
Don’t feel sorry for me leaving poor dear GMR in the little log house in our cove again – he will be surrounded by good good friends who we love and adore. And, I have promised I am not scheduling anything else out of town until the book conference in February (“as far as I know clause” is understood *laughing*).

I will be gone about 10 days. However; I had already planned on taking a break from blogging during the week of Thanksgiving – I want and need this for myself and family *smiling* And I know many of you may be doing this as well. So this will be the last blog post for at least a week. And I don’t expect to be twittering or Facebooking either.

My brother Tommy & I in shadow :-D

Check out Wednesday’s links if you would like to – and The Best Damn Creative Writing Blog will probably have the Sweetie Review somewhere on this link up today – lawd!- go read it and if it’s a good one, then tell me it’s good so I can go read it when I have a chance (if I have a chance) while in Tex-arse  – you know I don’t like to read reviews unless someone else reads them first and sees if they will make me happy *laughing* — *bawk bawk bawk* I’m chicken that way . . . *grin*

So, how about you tell me your Thanksgiving menu? And your traditions? In MY house, when I grew up and all through my life, I have had Cornbread Dressing – not that nasty bread stuff – Harumph – GMR makes the nasty bread stuffing and sometimes puts oysters in it -ewwww (he’s from New Orleans). My mom always made Cornbread Dressing (and it don’t belong in no danged turkey’s arse either – it goes in a pan of its own! huhn!) and I continue that Cornbread Dressing tradition. GMR makes his nasty old bread stuff, and I tolerate it by sniffing it and taking about a teaspoon of it …haw!

This book, Somebody Stole the Cornbread from my Dressing, tells about the dressing/stuffing debate (and many others, too) – love it!

And what are you thankful for right here and now (remember the post from Monday!)?

I will now say So Long until after Thanksgiving, then I will return.  If you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, or already have you Canadians!, then you can still feel thankful for many things, right?