Up Up Up & Awaaaayyyyy . . . Again; Unplugging & HAPPY THANKSGIVING WISHES

19 Nov
taken from airplane prev trip

Well, guess what? I’m not here! By time you read this, I’m, again, either thousands of feet in the air inside a metal tube (eeeeek!) hoping I don’t have to pee because I hate those teeny little bathrooms; or I’m in a terminal; or already in Arlington, Texas (between Dallas & Ft Worth).

shot from airplaine – rip in the sky!
I haven’t had Thanksgiving with my family (childhood family – not husband or son family) since I was a teenager many many moons ago, so this will be a good TG reunion type trip.
Don’t feel sorry for me leaving poor dear GMR in the little log house in our cove again – he will be surrounded by good good friends who we love and adore. And, I have promised I am not scheduling anything else out of town until the book conference in February (“as far as I know clause” is understood *laughing*).

I will be gone about 10 days. However; I had already planned on taking a break from blogging during the week of Thanksgiving – I want and need this for myself and family *smiling* And I know many of you may be doing this as well. So this will be the last blog post for at least a week. And I don’t expect to be twittering or Facebooking either.

My brother Tommy & I in shadow :-D

Check out Wednesday’s links if you would like to – and The Best Damn Creative Writing Blog will probably have the Sweetie Review somewhere on this link up today – lawd!- go read it and if it’s a good one, then tell me it’s good so I can go read it when I have a chance (if I have a chance) while in Tex-arse  – you know I don’t like to read reviews unless someone else reads them first and sees if they will make me happy *laughing* — *bawk bawk bawk* I’m chicken that way . . . *grin*

So, how about you tell me your Thanksgiving menu? And your traditions? In MY house, when I grew up and all through my life, I have had Cornbread Dressing – not that nasty bread stuff – Harumph – GMR makes the nasty bread stuffing and sometimes puts oysters in it -ewwww (he’s from New Orleans). My mom always made Cornbread Dressing (and it don’t belong in no danged turkey’s arse either – it goes in a pan of its own! huhn!) and I continue that Cornbread Dressing tradition. GMR makes his nasty old bread stuff, and I tolerate it by sniffing it and taking about a teaspoon of it …haw!

This book, Somebody Stole the Cornbread from my Dressing, tells about the dressing/stuffing debate (and many others, too) – love it!

And what are you thankful for right here and now (remember the post from Monday!)?

I will now say So Long until after Thanksgiving, then I will return.  If you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, or already have you Canadians!, then you can still feel thankful for many things, right?


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