If you could have anything for christmas . . . bend time, fold space . . . eat cheesecake for a week

6 Dec

 Today I have a question:

If you could have anything you wanted for Christmas, what would it be?

I mean, if space, time, money, good sense (laugh!), age, reality, et cetera, were not an issue, what would you want? Like “I’d want the planet Saturn in my living room!” or “I want George Clooney for just one hour – ONE measly hour is all I ask!” (teehee), or “The teddy bear I had as a child that was missing one eye and had the fur loved off – I can’t find it anywhere and it means the world to me – wish I had it back (I really do).” Or, “To be able to eat as much cheesecake as I want for an entire week and not have any side effects, like weight gain or sugar coma.” or “I want a new car/new wardrobe/new shoes/newshirt.” Or “I just want a good christmas for my kids – I just need enough money to make it through until I find a job – I just want my mom/dad/sis/brother/friend to be okay . . .” or, I just want my stuff published/my book to be a best seller/my poetry/art/music to be appreciated . . .” — Et Cetera!

What is your desire? Nothing is too frivolous and nothing too grand.

I could say I want my book(s) to be reviewed favorably by the New York Times and become a NYT bestseller – but really, right now, what I honestly would love is where I was last year at this time:

This is what I want . . . me, my son, lil boop last year at Christmas

But, since I said we could be frivolous – I’d also love to have lunch with Steve Martin and talk about writing and art. Or, be on the Oprah or Ellen show wearing a boa and black boots. Or, ride on Saturn’s rings until I SEE – and what I SEE I can’t know now because I’m not on Saturn’s rings. There’s so much more, but I could do this all day. Oh! To be able to be “magical” like they are on Christmas Specials and do something(s) wonderful for someone(s)!


Earlier in the year I’d wanted to do a writer’s calendar and some of you sent me photos. It was part of a “challenge” I had – a contest Angie Gumbo Writer and I were doing. I’d said I’d do any challenge as long as I could take it to fruition, etc etc (that’s how the Nekkid Book Reading came about, and Titus won the contest for that suggestion!). I want to let you writers know that I didn’t just toss your photos and forget it, but, I never received twelve photos, and then time ran away from me and the idea never came to fruition. However, I am going to re-visit this – I think it’ll be a fun idea to have a “Writer’s Calendar” – or maybe a “blogger’s calendar” or some kind of calendar–the idea was to make it to where any proceeds went to charity, and from there it all was just ideas. So, I’d like to keep this in mind-just wanted to post about it before I forgot again!


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