Dogs in Clothes, Danged Cold, and Pumpkin Bread (& Bobby Flay’s Throwdown Pumpkin Bread Pudding)

8 Dec

It’s 7 degrees out there; well, I think it’s soared up to 9 degrees. Lawd! Unseasonably cold. I usually am pretty tough and will go out to walk the dogs in all kinds of weather, but this morning, I declined . . . because, just because!

GMR is taking Maggie and Jake (Psycho Dog and Fat Boy) to Lake Junaluska. Lawd! I broke a rule – I never dress my animals in clothes, but this morning we actually put one of GMR’s sweatshirts on Jake; and one of my fleece jackets on Maggie. Laughing! But, when the temps are in the teens or below, and when wind chills are lower, drastic measures are called for. GMR had to bundle up, too, in layers. But Maggie Psycho Cutie is about to go nuts with cabin fever, the shorter walks around the cove are not enough for her. Oh the sacrifices we make for our animals – or should I say the sacrifices GMR is making, since he’s taking them and I’m here in the little log house: teeheehee.

Instead, I’m going to turn on some Christmas music and bake some pumpkin bread, and maybe do some online Christmas Window Shopping . . . too cold to go Real Store Window Shopping. Lawd!

Soon the little log house in the cove will fill with the sounds of Christmas music and the aroma of spice. Ahhhhhhhh!

Then, I will settle in front of the fire to work on Rose & Thorn – our new issue is out January 15.

Soon, I will have to really sequester myself to work on VK III – do you know I’m getting mail from readers asking me not to stop writing about Virginia Kate? To stop saying “the final Graces book” …? Makes me smile, but, dang, far as I know this is the final Graces book. Of course, I guess I can’t predict if something else will happen in the future with VK writings – just don’t know.

What’s happening in your world? What are you up to today? And did you put down your Christmas wishes in the post below? I’m having so much fun reading those :-D

Okay, time to put on the Christmas Music, and to gather my ingredients for Pumpkin Bread.

Oh! And for those of you who like Bread Pudding (which I admit I do not), GMR is going to prepare Bobby Flay’s “Pumpkin Bread Bread Pudding” out of some of the bread I make . . . I found the recipe on someone’s blog out there in blogland, so click up there, or find it on Food Network.

The Blogger’s pumpkin bread recipe is a bit different from mine, but you can find all kinds of recipes for pumpkin bread. In my recipe it calls for water, I use orange juice instead of water, and I put in lemon and orange zest and I add walnuts or pecans to mine…. no raisins since GMR hates them.

My recipe doesn’t call for butter, either, as hers does, but instead oil. Whatever recipe you use, it’ll taste good!

Y’all have a great day  . . . Happy Day!

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