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13 Dec

Well, folks – its 11 degrees, snow and ice on the ground, and more snow coming. Wind chills below zero. Wind gusts expected up to 40 mph. It’s lightly snowing again now. I’m all snuggled in. Enjoy the photos and video! I’ve decided I’m going to take another day of watching Christmas Specials. Later, y’all!

My Walk in the cove before the “snow storm” came yesterday. Some of the photos are where I took my camera and put it inside a hole in a tree trunk to see what was inside -in one, you can barely see a nest! There is a shot of the only blooming flower I saw. And others of ice, bark, Not Quite Fat Dog’s back full of fuzz, and et cetera. To see it larger, just click on it.


From my porch yesterday:

This made me laugh!

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