BDCWB Sweetie Give-Away; Moonshine & Santy; music and movies and cold cold cold!

15 Dec

Hi Y’all!
I’ve been having a good time watching Christmas Specials and doing things around the little log house. It’s collllld here and we’ve been having this artic blast for long enough that I’m feeling a little bit cabin fever. Yesterday I woke up to 1 degrees; this morning 5 degrees. It’s now a balmy 8. Lawd! Not even winter yet! We’ve broken or near-broken a few records here.
Are you staying warm I hope?

I have a few links today.

First, Best Damn Creative Writing Blog ever re-posted the Sweetie Review and along with it a Swag bag give-away. From their blog/review site: 3 AUTOGRAPHED COPIES OF SWEETIE ARE GOING INTO OUR BDCWB HOLIDAY SWAG BAGS! BE SURE TO ENTER EACH DAY FOR YOUR CHANCE TO WIN

Then, it’s that time a year again where I post a link to the little story  Moonshine & Santy Claus(e) – Vagabondage Press/Battered Suitcase published it a few Christmases ago; thank you VP/BS!

And I wanted to embed this You Tube but it wouldn’t let me, but I think this part in ELF movie is so cute; Click Here to watch/listen. I really thought I wasn’t going to like this movie, but it’s sweet and warm feeling after all.

Right now I’m listening to the cd that we all associate with “Charlie Brown Christmas” by Vince Guaraldi.

Psycho Cute Dog and Not Quite Fat Dog are snuggled in their beds. I’m still in my jammies. The cove is quiet. All my Christmas shopping is done.

And, I finally found Christmas List on TV – it came on at 7AM this morning. Why oh why won’t they release this DVD? It’s one of my favorites . . .

What’s one, or some, of your favorite Christmas movies/shows?

(bird photos were taken from my living room window)

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