SnowMama, Sweetie Kindle Promo Soon, Kat Goofing Off . . .

17 Dec
My Snow Mama

Some of fave Christmas Movies, from post below:

It’s a Wonderful Life
Christmas Story
Christmas List
Die Hard (Laughing! . . . GMR makes fun of me about this one)
Charlie Brown Christmas
The Ref
Christmas Wife

and there are more – those just come to mind.

My posts lately have been a bit scattered and on the “lite not sayin’ much” side, but after the holidays I will go back to my schedule of regular ole posting (mostly :-D ). I just made up  my mind that this holiday season, from Thanksgiving through New Years Day, I would goof off some; spend some time fiddle dee deeing; spend time with GMR; walk among the cove here at Killian Knob; watch sappy holiday tv/movie specials; do not much a nuttin’. So, I’m honoring that made up mindedness and actually Doing It.

I hope you’ll scroll down to the post below and visit the links or tell me what your fave christmas special is- (I’m not sure if the Swag Bag give away by Best Damn Creative Writing Blog is still going on, but Sweetie is in the swag bags. Also, there was Moonshine and Santy Claus(e) story that’s all in fun!)

Oh, and Bellebooks/Bell Bridge Books (my publishers) emailed some of its authors yesterday to let us know they have decided to do some kind of Special Kindle Promo, including only SWEETIE and not the other two titles, some time around Christmas – I am not sure if it begins right before Christmas or right after, but if you have a Kindle or are/may be receiving one, you may want to check it out – they may be offering it at a huge discount, or even a freebie, for a limited time (10 days I think?). When I find out more, I’ll let you all know!

What’s up for y’alls weekend? I’ll come a-visiting today through the weekend – see y’all later!

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