Movies with Friends, Choc covered toffee, christmas trees on porches, and Critter tracks, et cetera

20 Dec

Our tree -on our porch

Hello Y’all. I had a wonderful weekend. I actually left the little log house Saturday and met friends to see two movies, back to back, with lunch in between–we went to Asheville where there is this “complex” that has restaurants, condos, shops, and the movie theater, so we could park and walk to everything. I’m so glad I crawled out of my cocoon and flew off with them.

We first saw BLACK SWAN– Oh, I did love this movie. I had not seen any of the trailers, so everything was a complete surprise for me. It was a darkly intense beautiful disturbingly engaging movie that left me exhausted at the ending, breathless- sort of that punched in the gut feeling, but in “this movie is GOOD” kind of way. Natalie Portman was powerful, fabulous! We (Charles, Frances, Christie, and I) had lunch, then stopped at the chocolate place for chocolate before the next movie. I bought two Ha-UGE pieces of chocolate covered toffee – I love love love toffee – and had them completely eaten before the next movie barely began – gluttony thy name is Kat! *laugh* – the next movie was TRON and though I didn’t like it as much, it was visually appealing enough to keep me interested so that I wasn’t bored, so much. The best part of that Saturday was Black Swan and my friends – and the chocolate toffee *teeheehee*

Sunday GMR, Not Quite Fat Dog & Psycho Cutie Girl, and I went for a long walk around/near Killian Knob in our cove and above area. One part of the walk, up on an old log trail, I took photos of all the critter tracks we saw. There were bear tracks (looked like mama and baby bear) but they were about melted away, and many many wild turkey tracks, and deer, and what looks like maybe a fox, and et cetera. I also captured some ice crystals on vegetation, and other beautiful cold mountain morning sites.

I am still in my “goofing off” phase that I promised myself for the entire time between Thanksgiving and Christmas -other than work I must must do – for example, our Rose & Thorn Journal will go live January 15, so Angie Gumbo Writer and I, along with our wonderful staff – visit our staff page, you may recognize some faces there – are working on the winter issue. The fall offerings will be sent to archives, so go by and give them a farewell. Also, sign up for our newsletter if you haven’t already. We are also updating the facebook page. You can find us on twitter, too. And we have a Blog you can subscribe to.

So enjoy the photos below (you can click to make them larger). And tell me, what did you do over the weekend?

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