Christmas Wishes – What you Pined for as a child . . .

22 Dec

Oh Christmas! It’s almost here. Remember how when we were kids how long it took before Christmas arrived? Forever and ever and ever. Now, it seems to come round so quickly.

There was a time when I was a child when there wasn’t much money at all. When I lived with my biomom in West Virginia, there was really no money – I don’t remember christmas at all then. But when we moved to live with my adoptive mom and my bio dad, my adoptive mom always found a way to make Christmas wonderful, even when there was very little money. We didn’t have stockings, but instead she’d fill paper lunch bags, with our names written in her beautiful penmanship, with whatever she could afford – many times fruit and nuts, and when times weren’t as bad, candy, too. So, yes, it’s true about that “All I got was an orange” thing – to some extent *laugh*

When I was a little girl, all I wanted was a doll. Seems a manageable request, but I didn’t have one until I was an older little girl. My Maw Maw once came over and gave me a beautiful doll, but it was so fancy, I wasn’t allowed to play with it – oh the torture! I’d sometimes dream I had a doll in my arms, only to awaken empty-armed and sad. All together now: AWWWWWW! *laugh* – well, eventually I did receive dolls and other toys, so all turned out well. I remember my first-ever Barbie when I was about in first grade – she came with a ski-outfit -ohhhhh!

Another present I wished for I never did receive: A horse – particularly either a Black Stallion, or a beautiful Bay, or maybe an Arabian – wish wish wish my little heart would WISH. Every Christmas I’d think, “maybe this year,” but of course, it never happened. Not all dreams can come true. Not all wishes can be granted. And sometimes that is a good thing. Where would we have put our horse? As much as we moved, it just wasn’t practical. And it is expensive and time-consuming: blah blah blah! All those reasons I know as an adult, but as a young girl I just didn’t understand. I still pine for a horse, but now I am the Grown Up who must refuse myself my wish. All together now: AWWWWWW! *teeheehee*

So, what is a Christmas Wish you wished for as a child and DID receive, and what was a Christmas Wish you wished for as a child and NEVER have received?

Merry Christmas!

stallion pic
blood bay

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