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3 Jan

It is Write The Dang Book, Kathryn time. I must finish VK III, the third (final) Graces book, and that means it is time for me to GET ME ARSE TO SOME SERIOUS WORK TO MEET MY DEADLINE . . . and it is also time to hop back on my regular blog posting of Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. My long vacation is O V E R! I feel refreshed, renewed, and ready to get back to work.

For the first few Mondays, to kick things off, I’m linking to archives on my series “cleaning up our manuscripts.” This will be a good start to Monday’s posts, which will be writing/grammar/publication/et cetera related. 

Wednesdays will be links and/or videos, which will concern general subjects (including other bloggers, writers, poets, artists, or whatever general doodlee dah I come across that I want to share).

Fridays are open.

I will say that January 4th is GMR’s and my 14th anniversary, and January 5 will be two years since I began this blog. *big smile*

Now – a few archive links –

My Simile Post is Like a Red Red Rose . . . or maybe not

Picturing the scene: eyes falling out of their sockets; arms & legs followed! oh dear!

Those Adverbly Adverbs, la ly ly ly la la la ly la!

Point of View – I see you. I am the STORY TELLER. He/She is the STORYTELLER

That’s enough for now – I’ll be back on Wednesday. Have a great day!

(And the wonderful person who showed me how to have the links open to a new page, oh, if you could remind me and this time I won’t forget . . . *lawd*)

(The SWEETIE Amazon Kindle free downlaod promo is now over! It is now back to the paid lists. Hope you were able to take advantage of it!)


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