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5 Jan
Storm clouds, taken from my porch

It’s Wednesday and time for links and videos. First, thanks for the well-wishes for GMR’s and my 14th annivesary – had a wonderful day. Today’s the two-year anniversary of this blog – I thought to celebrate it, but then I didn’t plan a thang – huhn. Oh well.

Links (and I still haven’t figured out how to make the links open to a new page where you don’t have to backtrack to here – someone showed me how & I can’t find the email . . . dang my hide!)

Over at the Rose & Thorn Blog, our own Angie Gumbo Writer has a post: Avoiding Some Common Writing Mistakes by Angie Ledbetter

Jane Friedman has a wonderful series on her “Change is Here; How will you Grow” blog called: When Mom Was  My Age. There have been 16 of these, scroll and check them out.

I’ve linked this before, but I always enjoy stopping by The Read on WNC and seeing what’s up with Appalachian/WNC writers, and et cetera!

I also love visiting Blind Pig & The Acorn – always something interesting for me to read about Appalachia.

This morning, I took a few rounds at The Best Damn Creative Writing Blog, Writer’s News Weekly (I read my writer’s horoscope there :-D), and The Huffington Post Books pages.

The photos above were taken from my porch here in the cove at Killian Knob – I put these two plus a couple more on my Facebook page and people really seem to respond to these images, so I thought I’d put two of them here.
As for videos, I leave you with a short You Tube vid of Soco Falls in Cherokee Reservation here in WNC, where GMR and I went yesterday. . . it’s only about 10-15 minutes from our house.

Now y’all all go Do The Day! See you Friday, which is Open to whatever I’m in the mood for.

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