From the Archives: Cleaning Up Our Manuscripts . . .

10 Jan
As I said last Monday, for the next few Mondays I will link back to the series of posts I wrote on “Cleaning up our Manuscripts” – and when we’ve all caught up,  I’ll begin to write new thoughts. I’m not big on giving advice, and geez but there’s PEE-LENTY of danged ole advice out there as it is, but . . . *Kat trails off* . . . *laughing*

Before I begin: Bellebooks/Bell Bridge books has a new blog and my post is up – Bullies, Outcasts, Prejudice and SWEETIE.

Also, hop on over to Diane Estrella’s place where she has a week’s worth of give aways and TG is on for today. (I just went by there – she has a big ole bunch of Me up there *blushing teeheehee* and is giving away a copy of Tender Graces – it’ll be signed, too.)

Archive Links for Cleaning Up Our Manuscripts:

A few words on Punctuation . . .

Stuffing information down readers’ throats

Lookin’ in the mirror

Okay, that’s enough for today. I’ll have more Cleaning up our Manuscripts links next Monday to add to the Roar of Information Over-load out there on writer’s advice; dang, I feel like a cliche all of a sudden . . . *laugh*. And, then, Wednesday is “links/videos/photos,” and Friday is Open.
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