Old Ads that made me laugh and/or go "Um . . . Lawd!" Random Photos/Vids/Links

19 Jan
oh dear

Er . . . *sigh*


Oh lawdy gawd!



This commercial was so creepy, I wasn’t even sure this ad was real:

A little more ‘serious” for our links:

Miz Tartitude (Jan O’Hara) wrote a post that made me laugh! I want to write my own now. Her Gadzooks! Time for a Game of Crit Eeks!
And Angie (Gumbo Writer) and I are proud to announce our Rose & Thorn Journal winter issue went live January 15. Go by and check out the prose, poetry, and our cover art. We’re excited about this issue and count it as one of our favorites. You can click on the cover art to enter the issue or above where it reads “Journal” – hope you enjoy!

Now, y’all have a great day and I’ll see you on Friday. (Sundays are my “blog walking” days – I hope to do that every Sunday as I enjoy visiting you all – I’m busy working on VK III and will have to really be serious now to make my deadline . . .)

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