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26 Jan

It’s raining raining raining – but, at least it’s not snowing and arse-biting cold (yet?). So, Wednesdays and time for random photos/vids/links:

I’ve become facinated by crows – it’s Virginia Kate’s fault, she drew my attention to them. Yesterday, the crows were active and loud at Lake Junaluska – and some of them were chasing off the ducks, cawing loudly at them, running at them, and then fluffing out their wings and feathers when they “won.” Sometimes they’ll almost seem as if they are posing for me, turning to the camera, staying put even when I come closer. I need to sort through the photos I’ve been taking, but these were first, so I just grabbed them.

skating on ice

awww best buds or honeys

Two videos for you: One was taped when I was bored during an electrical outage- tee-hee (you can hear the rain and the creek sounds in background). The other made me laugh – when you get to the part where he says someone stood talking to him and asking him questions or whatever but didn’t by his book and instead bought John Grisham’s book; folks, this happens! *laughing*

And for our link today:

Rose & Thorn Blog, where R&T staffer, and our own blog friend, Janna Qualman has a post up: Quiet Enjoy!

And, GMR bought me an early birthday present (my birthday isn’t until next month)- A Telescope! I am so excited! I can’t wait for a clear night to use my Celestron Telecope. Ohhhh! Maybe Neil deGrasse Tyson will come over now . . . huh? You think? Maybe?

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