Ice Walk at Killian Knob + Video Whale Back Rock & VK’s Saga

9 Feb
Looks like barbed wire, doesn’t it?

A brief glimpse of Whale Back Rock:

turtle head rock near whale back rock

dogs head rock before whale back rock

and Melissa & Sweetie’s Whale Back Rock

The Saga of Virginia Kate (yes I’ve posted this, but I’m doing it again, for Michael :-D ) and because I am hard at work on VK III – the final in the Graces Trilogy – it’s coming together completely different than I thought it would, and in the process, I’m having to delete thousands and thousands of words – because Virginia Kate stomped her ornery foot. Now I’m feeling the excitement, because I have Let Go of what I thought I was supposed to do or should do and now I’m just letting Virginia Kate take over and tell the story how she wants.

You’uns have a wonderful day and I’ll see you Friday.

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