Sometimes I just can’t think of a compelling blog title for randomness :-D

16 Feb

First – I  missed visiting many of your blogs on Sunday because I went to a friend’s play at Hart Theater. “The Last Flapper,” with friends Christy Bishop as Zelda Fitzgerald (one woman show!) and Frances Davis as the director. It was brilliant! But, that meant my Sunday wasn’t spent on my couch blogwalking.

I am leaving soon for Alabammy for the On The Brink Conference, so wish me luck. I’ll not only be on a panel, but will be on Alabama Public TV on the Bookmark series with Dr. Noble (lawd – hope I do okay!). I don’t know when it airs or whatever, but maybe there will be a tape of it put online that I can place here after I return from Jacksonville State University and there’bouts.

Since this is “Random video/photo/links day, but I am scrambling around to finish things before my trip, I thought I’d leave you with some comics that speak to the writer’s life (or any life!)  . . . I hope to post something from Alabammy on Friday. Now, you’uns go do the day right!

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