Tacky Sparkly $3 Tees, Sweetie Article, REM

23 Feb
I have no idea what this is that I captured from my car
one evening in Jacksonville-that’s not snow

Since this is link/video/photo day, I will tell just one part about the conference today—the part about the tacky sparkly $3.00 Wal-Mart tee. I’ll relay the rest of the conference in subsequent posts.

When I packed for the conference, it was chilly here, so I packed warm things. When I dressed for the public TV thing (Bookmark with Don Noble), I wore a shell with a wool blazer. Only thing was, it had turned hot and humid. I couldn’t take off the blazer, because the shell wasn’t made to wear alone. I ran to Wal-Mart, the closest store around, and raced to the women’s clothes. Hmm, only thing, most of the clothes were either Maw Maw Muu Muu or Younger Than I Should. I managed to grab two short-sleeved blouses that would make-do, plus a few other things I needed. Why I bought the sparkly tee is anyone’s guess—it was $3 and it sparkled and it had designs on it and was this brightish blue, and for some reason I thought it would be fun under a jacket or to wear round the little log house. Er. Yeah.

view from my room in Hampton

When I raced back to my room at the Hampton, I dug through my bag for the shirt to wear to the show taping—oops. No taping shirt, only the $3 sparkly tee. I took off my sweater I’d had to wear to Wal-Mart, threw on the sparkly tee, ah much cooler!, and scurried back to the Wal-Mart. Guess what? They couldn’t find my missing shirts. By then I had no time to go back to the hotel to change. Guess what I had to wear to the taping—you guessed it: the $3 tacky sparkly tee.

The sparklies rained down upon my pants and shoes as I drove to the university library, as I parked, as I ran to the room where they were taping the show, leaving a trail of sparkles everywhere I went. Teeheehee. Dang. The two other authors I saw were in their muted colors of black/white/grey, professional looking. And me, there I stood in my $3 tacky sparkly Wal-Mart tee, a glazed gleam in my eye (or maybe I just had sparkles in my eye from the tee). When they powdered my face to stop any shine, I asked, “Can you powder my tee?” They just laughed. Lawd. So when the show airs, I wonder if my sparkles will shine out; I wonder if people will laugh (meh, who cares! Haw!); I wonder if sparkles will be flying around the room like happy little spirits.

By the way, I never did find out what happened to the rest of my stuff I bought from Sprawlmart. And why, of all things, the sparkly tee made it back with me while the more subdued one did not—I guess it was meant to be. Lawd.

Random Links

Interview/Review of Sweetie – Terry Matthews, Arts Editor of MYSSNews interviewed me about Sweetie – wonderful write up, I thought! Sweetie: Author talks about the wild, wonderful mountain girl who demanded to be heard

Also, I convinced Michael to put The Saga of Virginia Kate music on itunes and he did it! If you like the music and want to upload it, it is now there. I do not receive any compensation for this music-none, and do not want to, just so you know – I just want to support artists, musicians, any creative endeavors.

Been visiting Author Magazine here and there.
Agent Rachelle Gardner wrote up a great post on publishing that answers a lot of questions I am often asked. “How to get Published.”
Random Video. While I was downloading Saga of VK to my ipod, I also bought some other music, including some REM.
REM’s Everybody Hurts . . .

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