Mardi-Gras/Birthday Supper, Riding the RollFast, So long to some things and hello to others,

28 Feb

I had a wonderful birthday Saturday. If you are with me on Facebook, you’ve already seen the photos from my bike ride on my RollFast Flightweight bike, and then our Regulars (three of our friends who we have over regularly) over to a Mardi-Gras/Birthday supper. Wheeee!

I’m deep into writing VK III now, and as well working on Rose & Thorn and some other projects. Which means my visiting you all is disjointed and willy nilly. I do try to get out and visit and see what you all are up to, for I enjoy it. However, in reality, I know I can’t get around like I used to and for this I apologize to you. I know you all are busy and still you come by to support and say hello. I do try to keep up with things on Facebook because I can see things at a glance or see networked blogs, so if you are on FB, please come friend me so I can keep up with you that way, too! Also, those “subscribe to this blog” things help, for they go directly to my hotmail account and I can see them and click on them.

Do you know I went the entire night Saturday at the little log house while our friends were over with my socked-feet? I completely forgot to put on my shoes and didn’t even realize it until later that evening after everyone was gone and I was readying myself for bed *laughing* . . . oh well . . . haw!

For “writing stuff Monday,” I’ll leave you today with an “article” I wrote for BelleBooks Blog. I’ll be doing a series of posts for them here and there. This one is “Why I’m Giving Up Booksignings.” Since I decided this, it feels as if a fifty-pound weight has left my shoulders! Now I can concentrate on other events here and there as time lets me, like the nursing home I’ll be visiting next month, libraries, book clubs (I love book clubs and libraries!), and other events such as those. Skyping with book clubs is fun – if you have a book club and Skype and are interesting in meeting, just email me *smiling* Now I can concentrate on my writing more, as well. Believe me, the best part of book signings is meeting people, but the focus strays from that and it wears on me. Concentrating on other kinds of events will lift me up, and I hope others, too.

down in the valley

Now, I must get to work on VK III. This book has taken me on a journey I did not expect. I had to delete thousands and thousands of words: about three-quarters of the book-poof-Gone! Oh yes. I did. Lawd! But now the way is clear and I’m letting Virginia Kate tell it as she feels best. Katie Ivene (Momma) and Rebekha are coming through Virginia Kate’s storytelling. It’s as if she wants to tell the story of Three Mothers: herself, Rebekha, Momma. I don’t know. Guess I’ll see where this goes.

Now, go grab a few fist-fulls of the day. And tell me: When’s the last time you road a bike (Saturday!)? What kind of cake did you have for your birthday (I had Kings cake!)? If you write, have you ever deleted most of your book in both terror and excitment (yes!)? Have you ever forgotten to put on your shoes for a dinner party (um teehee YES!)?

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