Momma, I didn’t show off my panties to the world; but I ate dirt . . .

4 Mar

Five little things you may not know about me . . .

But, first, a bit of news: THE FIREFLY DANCE will be released this June. It’s an “anthology” of novella-length works by authors: Sarah Addison Allen, Augusta Trobaugh, and Kathryn Magendie (me!). Deborah Smith was going to join in, but it just didn’t work out—I’m disappointed, because I think Deborah Smith is such a cool and wonderful woman, and I’d have been honored to be in the mix with her! There may be one other author included, but I’m not sure. My story is about “Petey” – and how surprised I was that I took what was at first a darker sadder more depressing story and how it completely turned around into something more gentle and sweet. Not without sorrow, of course, for what’s life without sorrow? I’ll post the book cover when BelleBooks has completed the new design.

When I mentioned the Gulf Coast Association of Creative Writing Teachers Conference, I forgot to mention that Angie Ledbetter and I will be on the Magazine/Small Press Editors’ Panel. If you are in the area (Fairhope, Alabama), Angie and I would love to meet you! It’ll be fun to go as an Editor, which I am as well as an Author, and have that Hat on for a change! The Featured speaker is Poet Peter Cooley.

Five little things you may not know about me:

1. I almost was an underwear/lingerie model.

Don’t laugh! It’s true. This was years ago, of course, teehee. They were looking for “curvy women, with interesting faces.” Now, I don’t know what “interesting face” meant, oh dear, but I guess I had that in their opinion. Now, this was no “runway” modeling . . . haw! At 5’2” and 115 pounds, I was about seven inches too short for my weight to be a “real model.” I chickened out at the last minute and didn’t sign up. But I wonder sometimes—where would that job have led me? Well, Momma, I didn’t show off my panties to the world; aren’t you just danged ole Proud! *haw*

2. I almost didn’t pursue my writing dream.

I almost forgot my dream was to be a writer. Do you know what brought me back to who I’d always meant to be? Two teachers. I will always love Librarians for their sanctuary in the library when I was a child and how they guided me to books and how librarians are just chock-full of Awesome gooey goodness! But, teachers are who kept steering me back to writing every time I lost myself and strayed.

When I was in school, teachers encouraged my writing, but I didn’t “see” it. I put it aside, and it wasn’t until my middle-to-late forties, when I went to LSU as a “non traditional (read: OLD!)” student, that two English instructors, Barbara Gray and Robin Becker, took me by the hand and jerked my arse back on the path to writing. I was going for a Kinesiology degree! I’d completely denied who I was because I didn’t think I had any gifts or talents. So, sometimes I wonder what would have happened if those two teachers had not jerked me; had not said “Pay Attention to this Kathryn.” I suppose I’d have eventually found my writing voice again—but it’s a little scary to think not or to think more time “wasted.”

3. I hate bare feet on me.

What? I gotta explain it? Ungh. Don’t put your bare feet on me. Ungh.

4. I ate dirt as a child.

Okay, not just a little dirt, but lots of dirt. Ewwww. Why? I dunno.

5. I’ve never in my life have worn or tried on a wedding dress.

Okay, that sounds silly, but I wonder what I would have looked like in one in my blush of youth, or my blush of hot flash even *snick*. I wonder how it feels to look at yourself in the mirror and see a fairy princess staring back! *laugh* Some days I think I want to go into a wedding dress store and say, “Hey, I’m 54 years old and have never tried on or worn a wedding dress, can I try one on just to see what all the dang fuss is about?” Then I can pretend I’m a fairy princess for a moment or two before I take the danged thing off because it’s smothering me.


So, what’s five things about you? And have you done, or not done, any of the above :-D – or almost did something and wonder where it would have taken you?

Have a great weekend! I’m working hard on VK III but am going to try to make it a point to come a-visiting you all on Sunday.

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