Is it Okay just to be okay or must we go virual to feel successful?

14 Mar

Hi Folks! I missed my Sunday BlogWalk because I instead went Walk About on my mountain with my magical wonderful old Walkabout hat that fits my pea-head perfectly. More on the hat another time.

My deadline is looming for VK III, and I’ll soon be working on the galley for the Dance of the Firefly anthology. As well, Rose & Thorn spring issue will go live next month and we’re working on that, and, I have the conference in Fairhope, Alabama to attend early next month *whew* So, I will link to the ‘article’ I wrote for the BelleBooks Blog. They’ve entitlted it “Charlie Sheen & Me,” but I wanted to say “Is it okay anymore to just be okay?” or Can’t we consider ourselves successes without going viral? . . . I’ve put an excerpt and a link to read the rest if you so desire.

I appreciate your wonderful soothing comments on Friday’s “the quest for the story no matter what” post, and as well, I enjoyed your own Five Things from “momma I didn’t show off my panties but I ate dirt” post from last week; and hope you enjoyed all the Linky Love from Wednesday.
From BelleBooks Blog:

I’ve just dragged my poor tired bulging bloodshot eyes over more articles than I can ever mention here (my brain hurts); although I don’t need to mention them because chances are pretty durn good you’ve read them or someone has forwarded them to you or shared them on twitter or Facebook or you know someone who knows someone who knows.

Yup, this old girl just lifted her heavy head from hours of reading about ebooks and ereaders and eauthors gone wild, traditional versus “indie” publishing and how the two are facing off in a battle the likes we haven’t seen since Luke battled the dark side *cue laser sounds here,* writers who are selling their books for fewer than three buckeroos (and sometimes ninety-nine centerinees) and becoming thousandaires and sometimes, GASP, millionaires . . . READ FULL ARTICLE BY CLICKING HERE . .

See y’all soon . . .

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