Linky Love, Authors for Japan; Writers for Red Cross, Blue Grass Dog Band

16 Mar

Linky Love:

Writers for the Red Cross – go bid! Make a donation!

Authors for JapanI’m donating a Sweetie & Tender Graces for Authors for Japan, if you want to bid just click on the link and leave your bid in the comments (I think that’s how it works). If you want to bid on other items, click on the first link or HERE or HERE

From Iggi & Gabi: Agent Panel: Quit Obsessing

I found out how to make the links open to a new page from googling it and then I went to Moms Who Blog, and their explanation taught me how!

Rachelle Gardner had a post about “How to Get Published” and I couldn’t remember if I posted the link here on Linky Love day or not. So, if so, redux, if not, then here you are.

From Writer’s Digest’s Jane Friedman’s “There are no Rules” – The Future of the Novelist.

From Huffington Post: The Best Rejection Letter Ever?

The BelleBooks blog always has some good stuff going on.

And from Rose & Thorn Blog: Our Back Story Series . . . today, Holding It Together by Patricia Caspers


You all may have seen where I posted this video of music Michael made for the Grace’s Sagas

So when he posted on Facebook how he was apologizing to me, to my publishers, his music fans, for his “Deception” for not being the “real musician” behind the composition of Saga of Virginia Kate – I thought, “What? oh no . . . what happened?” Until I looked down and saw the video for Bluegrass Dog Band -the “real” band behind the music. *haw* . . . laughing . . .

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