What a Dump! + 10 Ingredients of super prose + "Crazy Super Fans" + a webcomic

23 Mar

Linky Love/Random Photo/Random Video Day

1960s Bestsellers. I found this site while looking at book covers. Bellebooks may end up re-doing my Graces Trilogy book covers so that all three “go together” better. Tender Graces and Secret Graces have such different covers, there is a bit of disconnect perhaps? Anyway, more on that later as I find out! Although, it would be cool to hear what you all think about the covers of TG and SG and Sweetie–which one is your favorite?

I saw this on my MSN Home page – lawd! Crazy Super Fans. Now, thing is, y’all, um, how come no one has tattooed me on their back? huh? Huh? Or all over their torso? Well? I’m waiting *tap tap tap tap tap* … laughing.

On Gumbo Writers Blog, Angie has compiled a TOP 10 INGREDIENTS OF GREAT PROSE for our Rose and Thorn Journal. And on the Rose & Thorn blog: Radical Writing by Wil Hough

I’ve been enjoying this webcomic by really nice guys named Cliff and Patrick.  They’re trying to get it off the ground, so if you have time, stop by and read about Shadow the Super Cat – he’s like Garfield’s cousin once removed or something *laugh*

Beginning Thursday evening, I’ll be a guest author at Cathryn’s Place. I’ll post the link to it on Friday. Meanwhile, stop by and say hello to Cathryn – a former Louisianian turned Californian!

Now for our Random Video:

In honor of Elizabeth Taylor in the sad news of her passing – an Icon -here is one of her finest performances: Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolf and the scene “What a Dump”

all photos taken by Kat Magendie

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