Five Things Friday: Inspiration & Guest Author at No Reason Whatsoever

25 Mar

It’s funny how this worked out: last week I wanted to make Five Things Friday about Inspiration. Yet when Cathryn Louis had asked me to be a guest at her No Reason Whatsoever blog, I didn’t have a clue what I’d write about. I didn’t even think about Inspiration. But what made the post happen was exactly that: I found inspiration in my mountain cove, in nature, as I many many times do.

The “Inspiration’s Mystery” guest post begins: Every year the butterflies come. The very first time I saw them, I thought something was wrong, that somehow the butterflies were disoriented and ended up at the bottom of our gravel driveway by accident. But then, the next year they were back, and the next, and next. From what I can tell, they are Pipevine Swallowtails, a butterfly that frequents the mountains. Whatever kind they are is not as important to me as the butterfly’s behavior and beauty and mystery . . . to read the rest, click GUEST AUTHOR POST CONT’D

Five Things I find Inspiration from – (and oh there are so many more!:

What is hidden in the hollows of a tree

the secret place I go where there are ancient rock’s nooks & crannies & hollows

My tucked in little log house in the cove

My son & granddaughter (this was when she was itty bitty)

My mountain view

What brings you inspiration?

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