Join me at No Reason Whatsoever: Catherine’s A Loooseeanner girl gone Caleefornia girl

28 Mar

My sweet Norah Kathryn Lil Boop is inspiration for me to be a better me in all I do


Hi Y’all – I’m still over at Catherine’s Place “No Reason Whatsoever” talking about inspiration.

Says Catherine: In Louisiana (where I’m from), we tend to speak a little differently. Instead of saying we’re doing something because ‘I want to’, you’re more likely to hear ‘oh, no reason’, ‘just because’ or my favorite ‘no reason whatsoever’. Or sometimes it’s ‘no earthly reason whatsoever’. In that case, I suppose there must be a heavenly reason… :) :) I love La.!!!

So, come join in over there and say hello to Catherine. Leave your own inspiration if you wish (and I’ve read every one of them in the post below – made me smile and feel happy!)

I’ll be back on Wednesday . . .

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