When new socks change everything

4 Apr

(click on cartoon to make larger)

When I read this, I thought how it applies to the writing. When I change something, it can affect the entire novel. One little thing can cause a chain reaction to where next thing I know, I’ve cleaned and redecorated my entire manuscript! Weekend back? What about months back? *laughing*

I can only guess this has happened to you, right? In some way or another.

Friends, I missed my visiting this Sunday and I have such a good reason for my not getting around much on blogs, twitter, and Facebook. You may think I’m going to say I was so embroiled in the final Graces novel, but alas, no. I wish! It’s rather a long story and later when I’m feeling better I will regale you with the vile details — or at least an abbreviated version of them. I am keeping my fingers crossed that all will be resolved in time for my Gulf Coast Creative Writing Teachers Conference this weekend. My dentist says yes. My jaw and face say “We’ll see.” My positive strong self says, “I will be there!”

So, have you ever bought something new, or painted something, etc, that spurred off what Cathy did above?

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