When anaerobic bacteria attack! & Away I’ll be going in my BoopMobile!

6 Apr

Today’s my usual “random links/photos/videos” day but I am so behind due to my own stubbornness that I’ll have to do something quickly without linky love. Tomorrow I will be waving bye-bye to GMR, Not Quite Fat Dog and Psycho Cutie Girl, the little log house, the cove at Killian Knob, while I fly away in my BoopMobile. If you see me on the highway, give me a honk and a wave (and you’ll know it’s the BoopMobile when you see it *laugh*). I haven’t even packed. I’ll be gone ten days! Yes, I am also taking some time in a little hidden place with Angie Gumbo Writer and Alaine The Poet where we will be writing writing writing, reading, napping, eating, readying the Rose & Thorn for April 15 release, and et cetera!

I said my “stubbornness” has me behind. Going to make this as short as I can. I have learned that having a higher tolerance for pain is not always so great, and when you pair that with how I detest admitting weakness in myself, add a couple tablespoons of Stubborn, a few teaspoons of denial, a couple more of “just wait and it’ll go away,” and the apparent inability once I finally given in to all that to articulate to a doctor and a dentist just how much pain I am in and how it is manifesting itself.

Long story short: My first ever in my life abscess and it was misdiagnosed (when I finally traipsed myself to the dentist and then to the doctor) as “facial muscle spasms” when in fact it was a nasty vile infection. By time the dentist finally drilled a hole in the tooth, my face was swollen, my hair was half gone from me pulling it out in agony, I was sick, and, finally, my gums and tooth decided to get in on the act—for some reason, the tooth and gums didn’t show a thing until after near two weeks of this ordeal *shrug* maybe that’s normal or maybe not, like I said, this was my first abscess, and let me make this clear: I NEVER WANT ANOTHER ONE! *laughing*  I kept saying> “But . . . but . . . I am fanatical about caring for my teeth and gums!” The dentist said, “Doesn’t matter – these things happen.” But I kept saying, “But . . . But . . .” :-D

I put this pain in my top three, right up there with my ruptured disc and what I remember from giving birth, or maybe the appendicitis attack-maybe. Ungh. When the dentist drilled into the tooth, the most VILEST of things emerged and emerged and emerged—he said it was quite impressive *laugh* So, I won’t go into anymore detail about that experience, but, if I were not so (see things about me above) I could have saved myself a whole lot of pain and feeling ill—although, on the bright side, the dentist did say how it worked actually worked to our advantage as far as pulling out a lot of the infection, so perhaps I’m really a genius *laughing*

Okay, here’re a few quick things for you today.

I hope to see some of you at the Gulf Coast Creative Writing Association Conference this weekend.

This random video someone emailed me made me laugh, though even while laughing I had the sobering thought that the subject matter wasn’t a laughing matter. I couldn’t decide whether to post this, but, then decided it really does bring up some discussion.

For example: Did Ina Garten do something “wrong?” Are “celebrities/those in the public eye”  able to do it all for every request (and is a dying boy’s wish ALWAYS a request someone should do, no matter how busy they are)? I know that anyone who is in the public eye receives SO many requests and it is difficult to juggle them all, but, are there some things that should always be honored? What do you think? Meanwhile, the video still made me laugh as long as I didn’t think of that little boy (though he is getting what I think is a cooler wish! Good for him!) There’s now a short 1-2 second commercial, then the video.

I’ll be checking in, I hope, during my travels – but if you don’t see me for a while, know that I am probably napping away, when I’m not writing the last stages of a good solid draft of Graces III!

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