Fairhope, Alabama – I wanna Gulf Coast Shrimp Poboy Please!

8 Apr

I’ll be busy at The 2011 GCACWT Conference so putting this up to go live this morning.

This is the panel I’ll be on:
4. “Magazine/Small Press Editors’ Panel” (chair, Dominika Wrozynski, Apalachee Review; Katie Cortese, Southeast Review; Amanda McCormick, espresso ink & Apalachee Review; Jeff Grieneisen & Courtney Ruffner Grieneisen, Florida English; Jason Stuart, Burnt Bridge; Matt Roberts, The Normal School; Angie Ledbetter & Kat Magendie, Rose & Thorn)

The conference runs Friday and Saturday. Then! As I said below, my “Co” Editing Publisher of Rose & Thorn Angie Ledbetter, Alaine The Poet/Painter, and I will be staying on eight more days at a secret cottage to write, and write, and read, and eat, and nap, and maybe go to the beach a time or two, and eat lots of Gulf Seafood, and write, and read, and eat, and nap *laughing* I hope to have a completed strong first draft of Graces, Virginia Kate, III by then – a strong first draft, not some wimpy first draft :-D

Also at the Conference I will finally meet the wonderful Darrelyn Saloom. And also there my other Louisiana friends Poet Marilyn Shapley, who is on our Rose & Thorn Poetry Staff, and the wonderful Poet and our Managing Editor of Rose & Thorn, Cynthia Toups.

I hope to see others there who I’d love to meet.

Since I’ll be away ten days, my schedule may be off during this time – especially with heavy writing of my fourth book! So bear with me, my friends, during this time while I am away and working very hard to make my deadline so my editor, the lovely and wonderful and talented Deb Smith, will love me.

Wave to the BoopMobile if you see me … wheeeeeeeeeeee

[In Real Time, right this minute, I haven’t even left my cove yet – my BoopMobile awaits – Not Quite Fat Dog is at my side –he knows when I am leaving — GMR has made me some goodies to take with me. I’ll be waving to the cove at Killian Knob and on my way Down South to the Gulf Coast. I’ll miss the mountains and the mountains’ll miss me–always hard to leave my mountains. By the time this post goes up, I will be Down South and I hope to have either already had a poboy or on my way to eating one :-D]

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