Coffee and Friends and Highlighted Hair

12 Apr

This morning, I’m sitting here with a cup of black coffee, posting on a Tuesday when I normally post on MWF schedule  — oh! living on the edge (laughing).

Just a quick check in to say how much I am enjoying my time with my two good best friends here at the Secret Cottage. Soon as I am back home, I’ll have some photos to share – like last night when Alaine lightly highlighted a bit of my hair with some carmel highlights – which had no color or highlights at all – it turned out purdy. We did something with Angie Gumbo Writer’s hair too  –teehee :-D – lawd! Something unexpected and bold! Alaine and I did a green mask treatment on our face, but I want all three of us to so I can take our picture to laugh at later. We ate junk food for supper. And we’ve sat outside a lot, watching the wind and clouds and time go by.

this pic of Alaine sends me into gales of HAWs!

The conference was great. More on that later, too. Sometimes I’ll say that “more on that later” and then never go back to it, such is my zippity do dah chaos . . . la tee dah!

I’m sorry I haven’t been by to visit – between conference and writing and preparing the Rose & Thorn to go live on the 15th and girl-stuff and visiting Fairhope (such a cute town) and et cetera, I’ve not been a-blog walkin’

How’re you?

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