Writer Unboxed, WebComic, and Finally a Good Solid Draft

25 May

Hi folks! I am excited because I finally have a good solid draft of the final in the Graces Trilogy. This book has been more difficult because VK, as the storyteller, finally tapped into some things she, and I, have been avoiding. This novel has a bit more darker tones to it in places, and a bit more violence, and I’ve had to write it in a way that felt “right.”

A difficult chapter is when Grandma Faith tells of her last five days on earth – that was one of the hardest chapters I wrote. She has but the one Chapter that VK storytells from Grandma’s pov. I was exhausted when I completed it, and when I read back over it I had to fight not to cry. Some of Momma’s (Katie Ivene) chapters are and were quite difficult to write, as well. I fought against this darkness creeping in, but finally I had to let go and let VK tell the story how it needed to be told. She is the storyteller and she needs to finally break through the dark so the light can find its way back in. Still. It’s been difficult. I know I wanted to avoid this as I didn’t want the last book to have this darkness and violence, but, it is what it is. It had to be written and moved out of the way.

But now, I have a good solid beginning, middle, and end. I wrote the ending chapter yesterday and I felt such a sense of relief and gratitude and . . . more relief, as if I knocked weight off my shoulders.

I’ve been trying to stop by your places here and there, one or two at a time. But, thank you for being so understanding of this time I need to complete my novel. Now comes the rewriting and editing, the filling in and the taking out, the polishing.

I want to direct all of you to Writer Unboxed. Both on Facebook and the blog. This is such a wonderful group of writers and readers – come join in with us!

Also, I have been enjoying this webcomic so much – The Shadow Bytes – there’s a funny quirky cat, and his owner makes appearances when the cat lets him *laugh* – They post comics Tuesdays and Thursdays, and I’ve come to look forward to them. Let’s support them as they are trying to gain readers.

OMG! I just went by there to grab a photo or some image and look what was on there! *laughing* – I had NO IDEA when I put this here this morning that it was there! *BAH_LUSHING!*  – I honestly didn’t have a clue – I am just a-grinning now – thank y’all guys *teeheeheehee*

My brother’s “comtemporary bluegrassy” music he composed for the Virginia Kate Graces Sagas still inspires me. When I listen to it (and you can puchase the music for 99cents on itunes – and I receive no compensation for his music – I just want to support him and other musicians, writers, artists, etc, out there!), I am inspired to write; I am drawin in VK’s holler; images come, thoughts, emotions. Though I can’t listen to music while writing, I do listen otherwise.

Another bit of music that inspires me with the Graces Sagas is Angels of Venice’s “Lionheart” -(it’s the second song on the cd), and a pivitol scene came to me while listening to this song. I was driving down I-40, round the mountain curves, and this song “Lionheart” was on, and the images of VK and her family came – but one image in particular really smacked me – VK riding Fionadala up up the mountain, faster and faster, her hair flying. I’m still inspired by this song to write her.

Now, y’all go do the day and if you have time, visit these folks and tell them I said howdy!

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