Tender Graces Sale through Amazon Kindle Summer Reading Program Promotion

2 Jun

I’m peeking back in here only to tell you that Amazon Kindle put Tender Graces (and other books, too, of course!) on their Amazon Summer Reading promotion. So, for only fifteen days (beginning yesterday I guess), Tender Graces price is set by Amazon at $2.99 instead of $9.99.

So, friends, if you are interested in reading it, now’s the time to do so at its lower price.

You all know I rarely do any “self promotion” thing on here, and I never ever say “buy my books y’all!” but, I do want to pass this on.

And, well, dang it, I admit it would really be cool to see Tender Graces back in the top five as it was about a year ago – that was so exciting! I was actually No 1 over Kathryn Stocket’s The Help for a few days – *whoop!* — so yes, I’d be thrilled if I was back there, but even being in the top 100 or top 50 is pretty danged cool

Anyway – I guess I’ll see how it all turns out, this promo they are doing. I know that Bellebooks had to “nominate” titles, and then based on how well a title has done on Kindle they decided which books to pick – so, I’m excited to see what happens in the 15 days!

This is the Promo Page – I’m under “Literature and Fiction* It’s their “Sunshine Deals” ;-D
Thank you all for your support – *muwah!*

PS – NOTE – I have tried again to stop by your places and leave a comment and still blogger is acting up – giving up in frustration, but, I will be reading at least your blogs a few at a time as I’ve been doing! I’m sure I’m not the only one having problems!

UPDATE: Thank you for your support !- Tender Graces is now in the Kindle Top 100 Best Sellers in Literary Fiction – I appreciate all of your support! On to number 1? Well, maybe not, but a girl can dream–it has happened before, maybe it’ll happen again . . . lawd! :-D

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