Hair Dryer Antics Update & Oregon here I come. . .

11 Jul
Okay my friends – first off, your comments to the hairdryer “do not use while sleeping” post made me laugh! Haw!

In response, a reader friend sent me this: Sleeping with a blow-dryer and eating toilet paper: Reality show exposes strange addictions – so it just goes to show you, my friends, you can list umpteen-gamillion warnings on a product and we will laugh at them and go “whatever!” and then come to find out someone out there has done them or is doing them, and maybe worse. Soon, the pamphlet for “do not do this” will be the size of War & Peace if they are going to warn us against every conceivable thing a person will and can do, much to our continued and amazed, “You must be kidding  . . . ”

I’m really here on a Monday, instead of with my Random Photos/No Words, because tomorrow, Tuesday, I board a plane for Oregon to visit my son, daughter-in-law, and Lil Boop! I am so excited. I leave behind my GMR, little log house, psycho cutie dog and not quite fat dog, my mountains, cove at Killian Knob, and et cetera and fly up up and away to the Land of Oregon where I will be for two weeks.

Lucky me.

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