Through The Wormhold on Science Channel

13 Jul

I could say “Hello from Oregon” because as you read this I will be there; however, I haven’t even arrived there yet. In fact, I am sitting here in my leather chair in the little log house and it will be Tuesday the 12th before I fly out–the day before this post goes live, which is still a few days away from today as I write this. But, since I am able to post ahead of time – I can be two places at once. As if I am in another dimension and this other dimension Kathryn is posting while the first dimension Kathryn plays with Little Boop. And as for the other Kathryns in the other dimensions, well, who knows what they are up to *laughing*

On that note – if you haven’t wtached The Science Channels “Through the Wormhole,” hosted by Morgan Freeman – you must! you must!

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