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31 Aug

Here are a few places here and there I thought I’d share. There are so many more, so I want to add to this list from time to time as I used to! As you visit these blogs, check out the comments to see other interesting bloggers – this is how our community grows. And new visitors, feel free to join in or lurk or whatever you like.

First off, you can join me on Facebook or Twitter. And any of the links below, be sure to check out their twitter and/or facebook pages. Enjoy . . .

Jody Hedlund always has something wise and wonderful to say to/for writers/authors on her blog.

Kristen Lamb’s blog is chock full of tips for writers and has written a book about writers and social media– she’s been discussing the best ways to use twitter and is taking questions for “Dr. Twuth” – teehee.

Also for some really great twitter tips, head over to Nina Badzin’s blog. She also writes about family life and writing.

Or you can go to the wonderful Writer Unboxed to read wonderful posts for and about writers – visit their facebook page as well – join us for discussions about writing, reading, writers, etc – they’re growing fast!

I loved this blog post about milestones versus goals, written by Tobias Buckell. This was my first visit to his site and I can’t even remember how I landed there! :-D

Shelf Awareness – for readers and people in the book business.

Checkerboard Squares by Carolyn V – she has some linky love up so that nabs two birds with one hand.

A Slice of Life by Linda Hoye – such wisdom and beauty on her blog.

Karen G from “coming down the mountain” is having another “BBQ Labor Day(s) Party” where bloggers visit each other and find new friends – I met Karen in this way, and some other great bloggers as well! Join in on Friday.

I love Deb S’s blog Catbird Scout– such beauty and insight and poignant expression, good solid writing too boot – she wrote a post that touched me deeply. “. . . Growth requires darkness. Life requires light.”

Just found this informatively fun blog: what women write. Right now there is an interview with Agent Kristin Nelson, but scroll on down for more on women and writing and all things related.

Writerhead – with Kristin Bair O’Keeffe, where she asks writers three questions about their “writerhead.”

Last, but of course not least, LitStack, for the love of all things wordy.

Now, y’all go do the day and have a nice weekened to boot . . .

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