Update on my father

6 Oct

Hello Eveyone – thank you for your thoughts via here, FB, twitter, and email – it helps more than you know.

There are some changes in my father – his kidneys have improved, and his heart is strong; however, he is still critical in ICU, and his lungs still have a ways to go. He’s still intubated. They did take him off the paralyzing drugs and lessened his sedation so that we were able to communicate with him some yesterday, but that exhausted him completely. Right now, only family are able to visit him, and his friends and patients have been wonderful and understanding.

I am in Arlington, Texas, for those of you who asked. There are many dead trees and bushes and browned grasses, but it hasn’t been very hot here – not considering the 100 + degrees heat they’ve had for their summer. In fact, most of the time it has been pleasant outside – dry and warm with a nice breeze. The hottest day a few days back did have me burn my hand on the window of my boopmobile that sat out in the hospital parking lot in direct sun – ouch! But no more hot days like that since.

I am discussing the weather – oh gee! How boring can I get! But, my brain will just not muster up anything else. This is an exhaustion many of you know who have had a sick loved one. The travel from my city to this city, the staying with family and not in your own bed and space, the worry worry worry, the back and forth and back and forth to hospital.

Thank you, again, for all your thoughts –  they help, and they are certainly appreciated.

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