To My friends . . . My father ….

28 Oct

My father passed away last night with his family surrounding him.

I was here in Texas for three weeks as you know, returned to my cove for a couple of days, and then flew back here on Monday. We bought him home from the hospital to hospice care at his home on Wednesday- he was so happy to be home.

He knew of all of your thoughts and wishes and prayers and comments and emails and etc. I told him, and we read out loud what you all were saying so he could know how so many people where thinking of him – on twitter and facebook and here and all over this old earth people were thinking of my father – this I will never forget and will always be grateful.

Thank you. My last weeks, days, and hours with my father are something I will treasure forever.

I will return as soon as – well, you understand – a little time and I will be back.

I am blowing you all a kiss.

I want to tell you of my dream, though – I can’t help to tell about it because I feel it means something even if only to my brain doing something to give me comfort – but I was lying with my dad in his hospital bed yesterday early afternoon or evening while he was still here but slipping away from us, and I fell asleep and my head was touching his head and I was holding his hand and right before I woke, I had a dream of a beautiful horse flying into the sky – up up up it galloped into the sky – and there was blue, either the sky or the horse or both – and I thought “oh how beautiful, how lovely” and then I woke and I had the most peaceful feeling – I cannot describe this peaceful feeling, but it was through my entire body, and I felt in a daze from it. It was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen and felt.

Thank you all, my friends. You just being “here” and “there” means more than you know

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