*looks around, blinks in the Killian Knob sunlight, sees you all, smiles at you*

7 Nov

Good Morning Friends.

I’d hoped to have photos of the Odyssey my brother and I took here there and yonder, but since we only had his camera, I will have to wait for them. He was on his way home to Texas and hit a metal pipe – all the gas poured out. Luckily, he’d stopped at the Arkansas rest stop and that’s when he discovered this, instead of when flying down the interstate where I shudder to think . . . *can’t think of that!*

From last Monday until Friday, we were in: Texas, Arkansas, Missouri, a teeny bit of Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, and North Carolina. We did every bit of our travel from a map — no GPS, no mapquest, nothing but state maps and our sense of direction. We took a lot of back roads, and saw some beautiful country-side. More later.

So, today, as I still am settling in and finding my legs from all that has happened, I will leave you with some photos I took yesterday of the lingering fall colors from a hike on my mountain at Killian Knob.

Once again, I am so appreciative of your thoughts for my family and me in the illness and then loss of our father. I read every one. All of them. Thank you.

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