Gratitude – photos, few words

21 Nov

There was a time when my big brother and I had not much of anything. For we were right on the edge of not even having a family, for my brother and I were to be scattered upon the winds to who knows where, separated.

Even when we found sanctuary, we were pretty poor. But we had a bed and we had a roof over our heads even if it was raggedy (but always clean), and we had a dad who wanted us and a brand-new ‘stepmom’ who wanted to adopt us –and she later did (along with our other brother who’d later come). So I have a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.

Family, friends, place, home, shelter, love, work, You All.

(and more family and friends, who I’d love to post pictures but don’t want to without knowing if they’d want me to do that here on a public blog – She-Laughs and all . . . *smiling*)

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