Images, few words – You Go Girl Accomplishments I should be "proud" of instead of whining about what I haven’t done. Huhn!

5 Dec

Well, you all know I rarely put stuff up here on my blog, or anywhere else, about my books – but over the last weeks I’ve been all whiny – thinking about what I have NOT accomplished. Then, this morning, I slapped myself upside my head and thought, “Hon; dear; look at what you HAVE accomplished.” And among those things are these. I’m taking today to give myself a “you go girl.”

Along with those novels, a novella, and a novel to be released in March, I’ve written and had published poetry and essays and stories and photographs – have I stopped to think, “Hey . . . cool!” or have I thought, “Yeah but . . .” or “Don’t talk about your stuff because it sounds like bragging and that’s UGH and unseemly” . . .

Those Yeah Buts and other admonishments are sneaky lil stinkers, aren’t they? Huhn.

What about you? What’s your “you go girl/guy” moment(s)?

see you Wednesday!
—— — sometime later in the Magendie Little Log House in the cove at Killian Knob——

 PS! – y’all – I’m laughing because ever since I posted this I’ve wanted to take it down. I really do not do well with talkin’ bout my stuff . . . ungh ungh! . . . haw! Dang . . . *kat looks at the delete key – considerrrrrs — connnnnssssiiiderrrrrs — * :-D

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